The focus of the audit and assurance team is to approach the audit with a deep understanding of your business, the industry in which you operate and the probable risks that your entity may face, keeping in mind the latest regulatory compliances.

Statutory Audit

We will conduct Statutory audit as per the regulatory requirements of various statutes.

Management Audit

We will conduct Management audit making assessment of strength and weakness of management system. A comprehensive and unbiased analysis of the functional effectiveness of the organisation , suggesting possible areas of improvements, advise on financial planning, re-missing of capital debt ratio, default in statutory compliance etc.

Due Diligence

Due diligence will be conducted for the future performance of the organisation based on compliance on legal and regulatory framework, forecasting risk outcomes, advise on to improve efficiency of business process etc.
The work which is performed within the due diligence procedure includes the following:
Financial Due Diligence
Organisational Due Diligence
Legal Due Diligence